Living Starts when something breaks

My lovely poet friend Claudia came for poetry and lunch. As we caught up with each other, we shared parts of our writing life. I told her that sometimes I just can’t write. Birds outside my window are just birds. Snow when it falls, is just cold. I’ve given myself permission to write nothing, if the writing isn’t alive. I […]

Living Starts with a pushmi-pullyu

“This, Doctor,” said Chee-Chee, “is the pushmi-pullyu – the rarest animal of the African jungles, the only two-headed beast in the world!” I recently re-read The Story of Doctor Dolittle, by Hugh Lofting. The book I have is a childhood copy, dating from 1923, the first Canadian edition. I’m not sure which child coloured in […]

Living Starts with a little bit of light

This is the time of year when Christians recollect the story of a child being born. This human story is not romantic. The child was born in a stable.  I’ve worked in a horse stable. The smell of urine would have been strong. The wind would have whipped through the boards. The mum laboured alone, giving birth to her first child. The step-dad […]

Living Starts with a pile of rocks on the front lawn

When it comes to the rocks on the front lawn, I could stamp my feet and say we need to hire our guys again. But that would not address the real crux of the inner battle I’m waging – that of true partnering.

Living Starts…upside down

I’ve been taking watercolour classes. I’m a rank beginner and I have a long LONG way to go before I can say I know what I’m doing. I love everything about watercolour, and yet I am heavy handed and clumsy with it. Every once in a while I have a little moment of clarity and WOW a […]

Living Starts with making our plans, then letting go

I’ve been ruminating on this idea of making plans and letting them go as I watch my yard dry up so the grass is crunchy underfoot and the flowers barely keep their bloom. This summer has given me a good opportunity to consider how little control I have over nature. Perhaps I don’t really have as much ‘control’  over anything […]

Living Starts with what’s here now

I recently spent time with old friends, their families, and my family. At one gathering we celebrated the birth of a new baby. Just remembering the feeling of holding that new little being in my arms brings me a sense of awe. What a mystery life is!  I’m not referring to the science of life. It’s what […]

Living Starts with wonder

Morning: I’ve been watching the flowers bloom in gardens, in ditches, in patches of dry soil and in swampy dark corners of forests. It’s early summer in our part of Canada and everywhere verdant and juicy life is exploding. Tulips have come and gone, followed by daffodils, iris, and all the dandelions. Then the lilac trees bloomed […]