Living Starts with noticing

Lovely summer. Yesterday, a puddle of sunshine flooded my patio. I took my coffee outside. The dog came with me and settled down at my feet. We sat there quietly for a little while. Then a bug whizzed past and smacked into the window, ricocheted off and landed on its back. Its feet flailed in the […]

Living Starts with a compost heap and a little magic

Gorgeous abundant spring is here, and galloping toward summer. My tulips and irises are blooming, dandelions have spread their seed, and the grass has been mowed twice.  I have been working in my compost heap, setting it to rights. It has reminded me of when I owned horses and how we yard workers each took turns […]

Living Starts when something breaks

My lovely poet friend Claudia came for poetry and lunch. As we caught up with each other, we shared parts of our writing life. I told her that sometimes I just can’t write. Birds outside my window are just birds. Snow when it falls, is just cold. I’ve given myself permission to write nothing, if the writing isn’t alive. I […]

Living Starts with a pushmi-pullyu

“This, Doctor,” said Chee-Chee, “is the pushmi-pullyu – the rarest animal of the African jungles, the only two-headed beast in the world!” I recently re-read The Story of Doctor Dolittle, by Hugh Lofting. The book I have is a childhood copy, dating from 1923, the first Canadian edition. I’m not sure which child coloured in […]

Living Starts with a little bit of light

This is the time of year when Christians recollect the story of a child being born. This human story is not romantic. The child was born in a stable.  I’ve worked in a horse stable. The smell of urine would have been strong. The wind would have whipped through the boards. The mum laboured alone, giving birth to her first child. The step-dad […]

Living Starts with a pile of rocks on the front lawn

When it comes to the rocks on the front lawn, I could stamp my feet and say we need to hire our guys again. But that would not address the real crux of the inner battle I’m waging – that of true partnering.

Living Starts…upside down

I’ve been taking watercolour classes. I’m a rank beginner and I have a long LONG way to go before I can say I know what I’m doing. I love everything about watercolour, and yet I am heavy handed and clumsy with it. Every once in a while I have a little moment of clarity and WOW a […]

Living Starts with making our plans, then letting go

I’ve been ruminating on this idea of making plans and letting them go as I watch my yard dry up so the grass is crunchy underfoot and the flowers barely keep their bloom. This summer has given me a good opportunity to consider how little control I have over nature. Perhaps I don’t really have as much ‘control’  over anything […]