Living Starts with iris majesty

Glorious spring is in full sway. Our garden is a perfumed bower – tulips and daffodils have shed their petals and now the irises and poppies are colourfully majestic amidst the greens of grass, lily, rose bush, and sedum. The bleeding heart and weigela blossoms cascade over the rocks. Peony heads grow plumper by the […]

Living Starts slowly

In this corona time, what’s the rush? One of the themes of my phone chats has been how slow spring is this year. Mornings, I’ve been checking on the tulips, ever so slightly taller, their heads a little more fully formed. Some of them are open now. I feel like I’m holding my breath. Again, […]

Living Starts Cranky then finds Poetry

It’s been eight weeks since we began this period of isolation and social distancing. I’m starting to feel cranky and restless. Are you? I tell myself, while it’s understandable to feel this, now is not the time to give in to frustration. As my husband quoted to me this morning, “we’re in the second inning […]

Living Starts with determination

I’m wondering how everyone’s doing out there. Are you loving this quiet time, using it to nourish your exhausted self? Or are you hating this confinement, resenting every minute of being forced to do something you never signed up for. I can relate to both. I remember when I retired, I realized how sleep deprived […]

Living Starts with conversation

I’ve been going through my numerous personal journals, chucking some in the garbage, keeping others. I’m discovering this long conversation with myself through the years. This revisiting of my stories has got me thinking about humanness. We mostly agree that humans are story tellers. But I think what defines us is this natural instinct for […]

Living Starts as a work of art

A friend of mine recently discovered she has breast cancer. She is furious. People ask me if I felt angry that I had multiple myeloma. I wasn’t angry. If anything, I was relieved to understand better what was wrong with me. Different cancers, different responses to the diagnosis. Why do we compare ourselves constantly to […]

Living Starts a year later

Here we are – one year later. I’ve been through a year of treatment for multiple myeloma (MM), including two stem-cell transplants. What did I experience, and what did I learn that I have integrated into my new life? Those will be the themes of the blog. I thought my Living Starts blog was ended, […]

Living Starts with the Unknown

Dear Friends and Followers, This will be my last Living Starts blog for a while. I have been offered a remarkable learning opportunity – my NEXT NEW BEST THING. I’ve been diagnosed with bone cancer and am starting 6 months of treatments that will take me deep inside my body, and heart, and soul. I […]

Living Starts with realizing it’s not personal

A catalyzing moment in my life occurred in 2010 when I received notice that my house was being expropriated by the neighbouring park. The news of the expropriation arrived when I was on a short leave in Colorado where my coaching colleague Patricia Kendall and I were working on a book. When Pat said the words […]

Living Starts with the scent of an onion

I woke up very early this morning and started a spaghetti sauce in the slow cooker. The scent of onion stayed on my fingers for a long time. Where does the scent go when I wash my hands, I mused. Scent is molecular. Even when washed off, the molecules hang around somewhere, but they’re diluted […]